By Dear Bunmi,

Dear Bunmi,

I met my ex-boyfriend when I was still involved with the father of my son. I had to leave my son’s father because he was not ready to commit himself to marriage.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with my new boyfriend and he went back to his old love. That relationship didn’t last either and he is on his own again.

I have also left the man I was briefly involved with after he left. I currently have a boyfriend but I prefer my ex. But he said he’s a bit uncomfortable with the way I always change boyfriends. How can I persuade him he is the one I really love?

Onuwa, by e-mail.


Dear Onuwa,

Actions speak louder than words and your ex is obviously judging you by yours. If you see any real possibilities of both of you hitting it off again, then ask outright for a second chance, a trial period to show you’re ready for fidelity.

Only bear it in mind that even if he accepts this offer, you could still face an up-hill task battle to win his trust. If he doesn’t, then you have to move on and build a new life for yourself as it’s obvious you’re not in love with your current boyfriend, or you wouldn’t have replaced him so soon.